The Insight : Still the Same

A concerned gentleman back in 2014, shared this in light of recent happening across Nigeria. This is my definition of throwback. Nothing seem to have changed ☹☹☹☹

"The truth hurts, this root works, light up a yard and i'm right where the truth lies, when they make promises they can never realize. Back to reality, bomblast everyday... little kids are getting scared to go to school, on Monday, we have breaking news by launch break, it is also case of money laundering and misappropriation of funds, whereas some people still  feed on less than a dollar a day. You can see it straight in their eyes on Sunday"- Adebayo Kayode (Bubble)

Its really sad to know that things are still exactly how bubble saw them back in 2014. We still wail the same and cry in tone. Chibok girls are still missing ... masses as still poverty ridden .... the streets are still not safe for comfort ... leaders are still looters ... opportunities are seized for families ... Nigeria is still in Jeopardy. 

How Sad !!!!