True African Values

What comes to mind when we hear true African values? Actually, i have tried to think of a less social consequential explanation of what  african values and culture truly means. We are defined by the tenets of our social environment which varies by geographical location across the african continents.

By this i mean the ethno-religious division of the african continent which is mostly credited to the imperialism that followed colonial periods. A well planned and articulated antagonism created by colonial masters to ensure there continous involvement in the governance  and economy of africa. (It is pertinent to note that even the colonial masters observed that unity in Africa would only promote our societal values and expose their sole purpose of looting our treasuries, and enriching their vaults), well this is a topic for another day :)

Back to the African child, during the early ages of most african countries, it is a popularly known thing that africans hold in very high esteem their traditional and societal norms and values. The arrival of the colonial masters integrated the western culture and system into the african system. Thus, leaving africans caught between the lines of their traditional societal which is going extinct and western culture. Obviously, westernization has an upper hand. Think about it, the information age has brought about newer discoveries even at the convenience of our homes and fingertips. That is why you could have a 4 year old nigerian girl who already dreams of being a barbie. Remember Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. American businesswoman Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration. Reason being that social media (television networks, recommended graphical images and toys in pre-schools, dresses, e.t.c.)
A lady once told me that she would  never let her child understand her local dialect, that it was too barbaric  and not something that should reflect in her child's development. by so doing, all i can see is a steady drive towards extinction  of  the African language or infact the dialect; think about it, if 70% of young couples come up with such ideas for 10 generations, there  would be a very little % left of those who truly understand the african language. That reduces the African child yet again to someone without any identified traditional language.

Well, there are lots more to this issue of the dwindling standards of the true african child. Please do not misunderstand my idea of westernization as a bad thing, i really appreciate the civilization that the age of information integrates in the rest of the world daily. If not for this, i would probably be writing this on a paper to paste it on a wall in an institution which would obviously  reduce my targeted readers.

Having clarified this, i would want to say that as we fall deeply for the irresistible advantages of the information age, we should also try to imbibe the culture and heritage of the traditional  african society, we should try to understand that unity and culture makes us one indivisible entity. Let's understand the need for an enviable culture that encourages not only external study for comic relief but also diversification  across foreign borders. There is a need for sense of ownership, belonging and responsibility. Now is the time to let the african child know what its like again to primarily accept and recognize our traditional, cultural and social values before anyone else. Its time for us to say it loudly that AFRICA IS OURS!!!

Nb: I stand corrected if valid reasons are expressed, the comment box is all yours. Thanks


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  2. I stand with the character of Beatrice in Achebe's Anthills of the Savannah, whom amidst all voracious zest to sink in the persona the new age had brought and kick out the chasm of the so called "decayed-old culture", rose to the top of the learned chain, And with conscious eductive mind remove the chafe killing people's interest in our culture and delightfully embrace the rest. We can be educated, informed and cultured. Information is to conquer now, culture is for a lifetime

  3. Niyi, you're right on point. Our culture and tradition are going in extinction because we have allowed the western culture to dominate us. We have also forgotten that our culture is rich in moral, values and respect. I think there should be a balance between the two if not in generations to come, they might not know what African culture is. Part of this can be achieved informally as you have earlier mentioned that most parent do not want to imbibe their culture or language in their offspring, but the easiest way to learn our culture is informally, if parent can do their own part of the teaching, then wherever the child is some of this values will be exhibited in them. To me the only advantage I see in western culture is the advance technology, innovations and all that. But we've got it all in terms of other thing as earlier mentioned. Thanks.

  4. Thanks to you all. Expect more of this. #TowardsChange


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