What If? (I)

This is going to be brief and concise, will just be mentioning some ignored possibilities within our immediate environment.They are mostly "What If" questions about Nigeria, you are welcome to add yours in the comment section or also raise objective criticism.

  • What if the leaders are not Corrupt, but the people are? 
  • What if the task of ending Corruption is expected of we the masses and not the appointed few in offices?
  • What if the key to a better Nigeria is the Biafran re-secession campaign? 
  • What if Religious beliefs have taken over Common sense? 
  • What if Civil society organizations and Non-governmental organizations connect more with the people than even the government ? 
  • What if Nigeria could only get better when we put aside Ethnic identity and start being Nigerians? 
  • What if most of the National unity initiatives are causing more damage than repair? 
  • What if we have bitten more than we can chew in our Foreign Policies? 
  •  What if we could have a Bloodless revolution? 
  • What if we have longed elected Dreamers and not Achievers?
Let's see how we react to this, before i put more out there. Believe me, there is more from where this came from. a lot of Ifs and Hows that would help us not only proffer solutions,  but make you start paying attention to certain things you have ignored in the past.

Read, Enjoy, Comment and Share.