Heavy Bleeding Soul

Listen carefully, you just might hear a cry for help, you just might find someone who needs to know how you dealt with the same challenge, you just might find someone who needs that motivation to discourage him from ending it all. You just might be what that person needs to rise above the odds.

This was what i heard when i listened closely;
A call for help for my heavy dirty soul, do you know what it means to live in a society where all the odds seems to be against you? 
 What do you know about being helpless and hopeless, have you had your heart ripped out cos of obvious influence?
 Have you had your guts starved out because of obvious reasons? Have you been in situations where the solutions are not far fetched but you just cannot reach out?
Do you know the obscenity of being dreams away from your dreams, reaching out  for your sense of purpose but can't hold on to your sense of living?
Even the things nature offered for free have been taken away from the free slaves, living everyday requires leaving every time. loyalty is a rare gift, honor is a myth ... victory now stays with the weak, the powerful are helpless, everything is staged, even the real story behind AIDS seems to be for the purpose of foreign aid. 
All seem lost, visions are blurry, missions are schemed. Limited hope for faith, fate is now the fruit of hate. I wish i could just sleep and wake up to see all this could be the hidden chapter after revelations. 

Youth are powerful ....Yet so weak