The Other Guy: Fiction Maybe

Some years back, i decided to pen down my daily conversations with my conscience, mainly because of the series of events around me then. I named my conscience after the most reasonable person i know from far "lol", then i started writing down this things.

I have been able to max out couple of jotters and notebooks, i also recently misplaced a mobile device that contained a whole lot of my conversations since February this year. So why have i not posted anything about this before? 

First was the fear of the ones i love and care about, because of the terrible things i might have written out about them or unbelievable things they won't expect of me when they see these things. A U.S based writer, who i consulted for mentoring once sent me a mail saying; 
"Your contents should be raw expression of your pain or happiness, but always prepare for its impact on your immediate environment". 
First part of this mail encouraged me, but the latter part reminded me of the expectations of my parents, siblings, friends and   girlfriend at the time. So i decided i wasn't ready for such announcement, "lol". You know what? i can never be ready for such, because whether tomorrow or ten years time, coming out to say "Hey Mark, this was what dropped in my mind after lighting up a yard" would break my mother's heart anyways. I held on to my writings, infact i gave one to someone who refused to return it because she liked it so much and "could literally see and feel where i was coming from". Even though we don't talk anymore, but each time i remember her comment and the fact that she promised to start conversing with her conscience too, i am always pleased. Anyways, this is just a testimonial for my unpublished work #Likeaboss.

I have been thinking a lot lately about this, and to think that i am gradually losing touch with the motivation i had back then. So i have decided to start sharing my conversation with my conscience with the general public on a weekly basis in a series named: "The Other Guy" starting from next week Wednesday, 5th of April, 2017. 

The intention is not only to stop wasting loads of good content developed from this bright mind, but to also impact lives. Looking at younger people, i have come to realize that everything down to habits are recycled across generations, and a lot of upcoming individuals need to know the pros and cons of whatever habits and activities they imbibe in. "The Other Guy" is going to cover a lot of aspects, though i might not be able to set a table of contents because i can only speak of my calendar, i cannot speak of inner man's calendar.

Anticipate this, For those of you who ask questions like "Who is this guy" "What does he do in/with his private time "i can assure you of knowing me even better each time you read a an episode of "The Other Guy". There will be situations of multiple personality disorder (MPD), unexpected conclusions and thoughts disruption, but believe me when i say that you will be "WOWed".

Look forward to "The Other Guy". Tell a friend, who knows a friend, who has some friends, who wants more friends that can help makes some friends. Stoners!! I am not promising anything, but stay around and you just might find the answers you have been looking up from that ancient plantation.

Me: Hello ... Hello ... Are you there? Anyone there?
(Silence continues..............) 
Me: Hello there .... Are yyy (Interrupted) 
Other Guy: Not today bro, Not today ... Till next Wednesday.   

See ya


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