Girl "X"

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PS: "Please be advised, this is a true life story"
When Elisabeth Kubler-Ross said "We need to teach the next generation of children from day one that they are responsible for their lives". I am sure she did not mean it as abandonment of parental roles, that subjects little kids (Male and Female) to molestation and inhumane exposures.
I gazed into her eyes, right through the windows to her pale soul. She has not always been like this but the dastardly displacement of this cruel world made her a lone person who already built a wall of camouflage around herself with the belief that everything and everyone is out to get her.
"Brace up, we are alone in this world", this was my translation of her body movement and facial expressions. Even the chime of the chains on her legs conscripts her body into an invisible shell of  what is coming next. I looked at her again; I saw the way she looked in despair. She doesn’t know who to trust; even the system that is supposed to protect her has incarcerated and forsaken her for this long.
"All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them" - 
Magic Johnson
I asked her what she thinks of life, she said “Life beyond these walls is not for me, I have been in here too long to want to go out”. My eyelashes twitched in disbelief, tears ran through the balls of my eyes, all I could do was stay strong not for me but for her.  Life is not fair; looking at this kids and hearing the things they have done or not done.
What do you say about the little girl that wandered hopelessly, wondering what next to eat and where next to lie? Her desperation to survive landed her in the hands of the predator that defiled her not only as a child but as an innocent ten year old virgin who was deceived by a possibly over thirty year old man who rode his bike into her life like he was the messiah that rode his donkey into Jerusalem. The question of mental chains cannot be argued for her, but the question of what she is doing behind bars amidst others who have confessed to hideous crimes and sort should be the point of focus. Is she guilty of being an helpless little daughter of a security guard who works several jobs to fill his own belly and drink to stupor? Did she beg to be birthed into the world of two parents who barely love each other too much to stay for the kids or even a world where the mother has favorites of her own offspring’s?
I need to ask Mr. and Mrs. X one question “What exactly did she do wrong?”  and also a question for System "0", “What did she do wrong?”
Even if it was a minute of pleasure that conceived her, the responsibility became reality the moment she was birthed in to this cruel world, which only you made that way. Why leave her to fend for herself in this wicked world of preys hovering above innocent little chicks.
Now, over to System “0”, I am still in shock, not exactly because of what happened to her, but the fact that a system charged with the duties and responsibility to protect and cater for her needs incarcerated her with the fake intents of rehabilitation. Who rehabilitates a ten year old in a correctional facility for over five years? Even if there is a reasonable explanation, there can’t be a moral justification to why she has restrictions on her. What happened to the wicked man that did this to this innocent girl-child?
This is what I think, in the process of shying away from responsibilities; you have abandoned an innocent little girl where you feel no one else will ever find her. Could this be the daughter of Politician “X” or what am I even saying, they amass so much wealth from looting public treasury that their children can never be seen by ordinary people. Maybe if such happens, the offender will be forever incarcerated or disappear till re-appearance in the celestial realm.
Girl “X”'s crime is the fact that she was born into a family that regrettably falls below the poverty indicator, with no hope of contending the rights and wrong of System “X”. Not because they don’t know what is right, but because of the society strata that has put them at disadvantageous position, only to be trampled upon at all times like the cursed serpent. I weep for the future of the components of System “X”, because like its name “X” is just a system. It’s your duty to make sure Girl “X” makes it out of this wild; it is your responsibility to ensure Girl “X” gets to be a component of the system someday, but instead you have restricted her in a place where she has all the time to scheme self-reliance and retribution towards your joke of a system.

 I really feel sorry for the course at which this nation is sailing. There is corruption, incompetence and shady dealings across all tiers and crannies of  the system.  I can stand and defend the rights of these little ones, but how many of us can say the same?? ☹☹☹


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  2. Hmmm.. The evil consequences of a moral reprehensible society does not avail even the naive little ones... Not to talk of the devastating effect of a so-called rehabilitation institution which does things other than good in the rehabilitation of its inmates or should I say Victims

  3. Nice.hope to hear of her release soon


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