New Wave: Corporate Response to Learning (I)


Self development keeps you busy when you are unemployed,  you then realize at the end of the day that it is totally worth it.  We all know the struggle of the average Nigerian in recent times,  but thank God for proliferation of interactive and user friendly social networks, a lot of people have been able to earn a living from there (legal or illegal) I am not here to call names,  some have found solace on media platforms and some just stalk job postings there. Which ever team you belong to, the lord is your muscle.

                  "Let him who would move the world first move himself - Socrates"

Back to my plot,  as a floating MS. C student who had refuse to go back home for petty opportunities based on personal standards,  I decided that I would prepare myself for the corporate world even more.  I started doing something that would make me sell-able in the corporate world.  Firstly,  who still doesn't read in this century;  news,  blogs,  random sensible posts (sometimes insensible ones crack me up). To survive today, you need to know little or more about everything around you,  you need to act like an executive to have a feel of being one,  you need to focus on things that don't matter to people with casual lifestyle,  you need to raise your standards as people mistake you for who you are not (I mean positively) well,  will walk you through some things you can do with personal examples to become that person you most admire on TV or online. Here are some tips. 

Dressing and Carriage always matter no matter where you are going to or who you are going to meet. People, sometimes talk to you based on their initial perception of you, judging from your dressing, look or speak. Some people have this mindset of "Its about what you have in here" *then they point to their head*. Spoiler Alert!!!! What is the point of what you have in your head, if you are not given the opportunity to express it?

                    Ding!! Ding!! "Dress the way you want to be addressed"

Growing up, i never use to believe anybody had anything to offer other than my family, i carried this mindset with me for a very long time. Not until recent times when i realized that people can get things done at a snap of a finger or a call of old favor. It also occurred to me that "constant review of your circle matters". Seriously, we live in a world where you can make 100+ productive friends daily (if you don't believe me, try searching for your area of interest on linkedin today and see how many successful persons in your field pops up).

Really, learn to use corporate tools "emails, MS tools, Statistical tools, infact Social medias in recent times" . some people wait till they get there before they start using them (Error 504 again!!!). think about it like this, what happens when you get there and every other person already did what you failed to do - You start having reasonable excuses the day you get a job. Create a personal space for yourself at home, periodically go through your phone contacts to adjust funny names like "Mike Ojuelegba" "Vivian Pekas" lol.. Stop thinking it is not polite to request for people's first and last name, especially when you want to establish relationships with them. (PS: Nicknames to work).

Life is a very long process of learning that never ends even after death. Think of it, the bible told us "There is life after death" we all wait and anticipate this, we all wish to learn what comes next. Infact, no one has an idea of what happens then, if i would say "Learning only gets better then". Try as much as possible to make good use of every opportunity, try new things out, ask questions, make yourself mentor-able, be polite, stay humble but keep your pride in-bound.

There is a new wave, norm is turning to past, history is becoming present ... formal is becoming more than just "suit and tie". Everything is connecting like "Dots and Boxes" (Remember that?) .

Where do you stand?

eeerrrrmmmm..... Moving on!!!!