Other Guy: Fiction Maybe (Project) II

That if you could acquire enough, accomplish enough, you’d never want to own or do another thing. That if you could eat or sleep enough, you’d never need more. That if enough people loved you, you’d stop needing love.” ― Chuck PalahniukChoke
Me: Thought you said we were created to be together, thought you said and i quote "I have never been too certain about anything". Thought you said "The only thing standing between a lifetime together are our plans on getting better for now". So what happened? 
Other Guy: You happened!!! You always have your way of ruining things. 
Me: I loved her with all my heart ...I cherished her with all i had 
Other Guy: Ooops!!! Who said anything about anyone or a she?? Thought this was about "The Project" 
Me :Yes it is. Lol 
Hi guys ...So we started a conversation about my past experience and how it made me almost or maybe attempt the easy way out, popularly known as suicide. So, this is the concluding part of that story. 
Me: So, i should just continue where i stopped, cos you all have waited too long for this. 
Other Guy: Thank goodness you know this. 
Me: Well ...After a while, i contemplated on the possibilities of a life better and more interesting than this ...The only issue is that once this one is sour, it loses all the hype 
Other Guy: Yeah you are correct, but not enough reason to end it. It got sour for "Malcom X", It got sour for "Luther King Jnr", "Jesus", etc. but they didn't end, instead they persevered. 
Me: You are beginning to sound like me, see you siting and quoting history to make your point. 
Other Guy: Guess you are not totally a bad influence. 
Me: So, back to the story.... Just some weeks into the 10th month of 2016, i was in a "tabula rasa" state of mind, where all i could think about was me and what best suits me at the moment. Here comes a "Not entirely better" but suitable business option which i did not think twice to dive into. I invested as much energy but not resources like i did earlier in the year. I worked round the clock to make sure i never lost sight of my "Can i call it investment" or maybe my interest. 

Other Guy: Just to be sure ...Project or Someone 
Me: Project!!! You bother. 
Other Guy: Okay, its your prerogative. 
Me: Yeah it is. So, started again was another charade of happiness, an assurance of a bright future with investments and resources to lean on. I was happy, i got lose and wild. I forgot about the past so fast, though i frequently caught glimpse of the traumatic experience i had with the previous. Things were going on fine until there was a need to revisit somethings i must have left un-turned in my previous project. This was when the reality of being loyal and dedicated struck. I tried to level both but i failed once again.
This was when i realized that even nature has designed myself and you in a way that we can only focus on one major thing at a go.  
"Multitasking" like i always say is an android language, and humans shouldn't speak it" 
I would  love to go into more details but such efforts are needless at this point as i am sure you already understand the certain points i am driving at. A lot of other things are needless at this point, greasing in and out of unsolicited investments is. I have delved in both  forefront and corners of viable and non-viable contemporary commitments, what i have learnt and the message i am trying to pass with this three weeks long epistle balls down to "You are not there until you get there." How do you know hen you are there? I am sure that is what you want to ask me right now, but unfortunately jo one can answer such for you. You just know it.
For me, I am not yet there but i know when you are there. Commitments and dedications shouldn't define your immediate actions, but your interest in the long run should. Get your priorities right and aligned with your best interest in the closest tomorrow. 
This story is fictional "Maybe". It is a series of love tales maybe, it is the transcript of one's emotional experience at some point, "Maybe". One thing i am certain this story is "An exposure to the things that matter and those that are trivia".


Me: So ..Are we doing our after-plot story today? 
Other Guy: Is that a thing? What are you talking about? 
Me: Exactly what we are doing right now ...lol 
Other Guy: That means Yes!! We are doing it, and i am done 
Me: Well, I feel a particular set of our readers prefer this part of the story than the body 
Other Guy: No one has said that, you are assuming 
Me: I know so 
Other Guy: I am sorry i'll be dropping the curtain on today's episode ... I can't have you start a totally different thread after the main plot.