Other Guy:Fiction Maybe (Plot Twist)

Me: I love you 
Other Guy: No you don't 
Me: Yes I do ... You are just being pathetic 
Other Guy: No you don't... You are just being civil 
Me: Okay.. So what makes you think I don't actually love you 
Other Guy: Cos... No one truly loves their conscience ...think about it. Hussein,  Hitler, Leopold II and many others.  They all had conscience but Were in Connection with self and ego. Moreover, I was not made to be loved. I was created to be consulted 
Me: Here comes the hear say .. The age long nagging about how humans are so self centered that we ignore the duties of others.  How we assume there is no record of how many good deeds individuals conscience influenced and judgement awaiting the conscience as an independent being In the afterlife. 
(You get me?) 
Other Guy:  *Surprised* what the actual f*** was that. You are actually do get but it's never that deep. and eeerrmmm sorry for the curse word.
Me: you pushed me too hard.. Sorry.. 
Other Guy: Wow... You got a taste of your own medicine I guess 
Me: yeah maybe.. But seriously why do you think me particularly don't love you 
Other Guy: Cos I weighed your deeds right from cradle till now... You have being Self percent. 
Me: Wow... Now that's deep ...instances? 
 "Our consciences are not all of the same pattern"- George Elliot
Other Guy: well... We only dry our washed laundries out here,  not do  the dirty ones here  
Me: smooth... *whispers* tell me here 
Other Guy: You realize they can still hear you right 
Me: oh true!  Why won't you guys mind your business already... Lol 
(audience hovering mouse pointer to close) 
Me: Not so fast now.. Someone cannot play with you ? Was I too hard on our friends ? 
Other Guy: I won't dignify you with a response 
Me: You just did ☺ 
Other Guy: I talked,  I didn't respond 
Me: that's like the dumbest thing you have said ever 
Other Guy : give it up for the man with the dumb conscience 
Me: Here comes the sarcasm  ...are you finished 
Other Guy: *like archer* wait for it........................ Now I am finished 
Me: Fantastic!!!
Other Guy: So what about the story you were sharing last week?  Have been waiting for you to mention that.  More so a lot of these guys are here for the concluding part 
Me: I was thinking we chill another week.. Or what do you think?  
Other Guy: Its your call... It's your audience 
Me: It's our show.. You will just allow me stall the progress? 
Other Guy: Wow. Is it really our show?  That's the most inclusive and selfless statement you have ever made. 
Me: Yeah give it up for me... Super doper 
Other Guy: Yeah... And he's back 
Me: Seriously... You nag like you are dyke 
Other Guy: Give it up for the man with the dyke conscience 
Me: uuuhrg... I hate it when you do that 
(to the audience) 
By the way ... this is just a twist to the plot or is it?  I am glad you can see what we do behind the scene or behind the mind (Get it??)...  We talk about a lot of other things but the good thing is you only know what we want you to know.  Yap!  
See ya!!! 
Me : ... Now that they are gone, can we continue 
Other Guy: ROTML *Rolling on the Mind Laughing* (Get it??) You know they are still here, can't you stop typing already 
Me: Oh okay.. That's true. 
Bye everyone 
*10 minutes later* 
"Me is typing...... ☺☺☻☻
Other Guy: Ohhhhh ....Not again 
Me: Okay bye for real !!!


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