The Makoko Experience

I was in Makoko, Lagos on Saturday 1st of April, 2017 for an outreach.  Believe me,  I only knew the community on monopoly board game until i  saw the situation of things around there. Now i can say i understand why it's just (NGN 60) on the board.  
In a country and state where people spend without budget,  make reasons to spend money and in fact lie to keep more . No one should have to live like that.  The water is black,  it is their main means of transportation,  they also do their personal business in the same water.
                         Remember that everything is worth something - Me 
It was like a totally different world in there. If you are a social worker,  social entrepreneur,  activist,  political enthusiast,  religious leader,  student leader,  and many more.  There is a lot more to do for the people of MAKOKO, than just adding them to your google dictionary when underlined red in your draft documents. We all shouldn't rest until all under-served communities in Nigeria are brought to the world scene.  
These people need our voices to rise above the limitations and restrictions their social environment places on them. They need to break free from the threshold of poverty. Start something, reach out to people who have started or help inform people who would be interested. As much as i don't like to outline anybody as "Charity Case", but this is a call to all charitable hearts to do something worth the change that is needed in Makoko, Lagos. 
You can reach out to the Makoko Dream Project  to support the ongoing projects in the community, i have witnessed an outreach conducted by this group of individuals who only want to see the community transform. This people only want to give the children inclusive opportunities (Academics, Digital and Socio-Economic).

I know you are already thinking of how best you can help .... If you also want to collaborated to get something started, you can just leave a comment or send me an email.

Thank you.