After all this Time.

After all this time is where we are, after all the strife ...this is all we get.  Telling good and great from the way we look, only you get to be the accurate judge of you.
Been indisposed for quite some time now, but you know the travails of the horseman only surfaces when used in reference to the strength of engines and motor objects. 
Me: What’s good yo! 
Other Guy: You are good! I am glad about that…I have been so happy to hear from you. 
Me: Awwwn! I missed you too. 
Other Guy: Can’t miss you ..i am always here, you know? Just can’t feel. 
Me: Do you always have to ruin cozy moment with your stiffness 
Other Guy: …………………………………….. *Silence continues* 
Me: You better stay quiet…lol 
Other Guy
: Nope …I shall not dignify you with a response to that
Me: Nice … Now you sound the way I want you to … I want you to have the heart of archness 
Other Guy: I don’t have a heart. I make use of same word bank as you do, you just don’t take initiative in combining yours. 
Me: Nawa ooo …Shoooo *in warri boy’s voice” 
Other Guy: No ..No ..I didn’t miss it as an insult you know? 
Me: Yeah …Yeah I know 
Other Guy: Okay .. I don’t believe you one bit …remember I am your conscience, you consulted me before saying that 
Me: Great you know … You are lucky you are as abstract as the pain I would have caused you 
Other Guy: So, you mentioned something earlier about your previous encounter with death 
Me: Yeah … some sh*t I cooked up in my head and chatted 
Other Guy: You still want to talk about it? To wet our friend’s thirst 
Me: Okay … earlier last week, I had a repeat of same thing I have been feeling for months now, in my slightest opinion of digital readiness I decided to look it on up on the internet …oh no! that was a nice idea. I saw a bunch of positively negative perception of what I feel …I decided to create a four carted box of the options I had to pick from. Cart 1 … Cart 2 … Cart 3 … Oh! Sh**, they are all pointers to memorial parks. So I said, damn it! Let me get myself checked up ……………………………. 
Other Guy: So, what did you do? 
Me: I don’t want to delve into further details, the catch is that I am good now …and I actually wish to apologize for the fact that I sauced your appetite and starved it …sorry, I couldn’t go against nature …and lastly, sorry I have not been delivering on here. 
Other Guy: So, thank you for joining us tonight!! Thank you for making time to stick around even with the recent inconsistency in delivery. 
See you soon ….We mean really soon!! 
Me: Nope!! You don't get to say goodbyes. You don't even get to talk to people 
Other Guy: and he is back!! Anyways, i just did ...come and beat me