Bad Choice or No Choice: Faith vs Empathy

...Are choices pursuit of interest with utmost devotion and guidance by a supreme being, consideration of other people's feelings in making personal choices or just opportunities to choose whether to take action or not. 

Is making bad or no choice a religious or empathetic question?  Does answering it define what extent an individual would go to get things done or just to survive? 

Hello ma, what do you do in times when you have to make a bad choice or no choice at all. Well,  it's a possible scenario my boy but first things first, you have to make a choice that is in line with the word of God. Yes ma'am,  I understand your strong religious convictions but in reality, you sometimes have to decide between a bad choice and a no choice,  especially in impossible situations. Yes, but remember the part of the scripture that said;
And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give - John 16:23-24
So, you see everything has been designed by God, you can never end up in such situation where you would be left with only bad and no choices. Jesus reserved grace for all the day he was crucified and that is what makes life choices for us even before we can say or do anything. Thank you ma'am, i really appreciate your spiritual angle to this. 

There are several twists to life issues, being fully aware that their are certain people who would not agree that choices can only be religiously explained and maybe to also clear my doubts about faith being the only fuel to our choices, i decided to consult others. Lady "S" publicly replied a comment and said "Choose the lesser of two evils" this means bad choice and no choice are both evil. So, which is lesser i asked? and she said it depends on the choices, if one is a bad choice and you know it, then wouldn't it be  best not to make a choice at all. So i replied, every decision comes from choice, don't you feel it is irresponsible to abandon life choices? She said No, because sometimes those choices are made for you, if you had the choice of killing someone or just cutting off their finger, which would you prefer? she asked me. Then i responded, that is a question of empathy, it depends on what i am doing either for, life is always the highest price to pay. However, is there any other option other than the choices presented? It depends, No one presents you with choices, you choose what is best for yourself first and then others, if it is not good for you then it is definitely not good for others. Thanks Lady "S", especially for delving into and empathetic aspect of this discourse.

"Nobody can tell you how or what to choose, that is your decision alone to make" - Lady "S"
Religion has understandably being noted to be the driving force of a good number of the masses, even Karl Marx attested to that. Faith on the hand, i believe should be everyone's conviction about issues that surround divinity. Empathy is what gives our actions meaning irrespective of religious beliefs. On the issue of bad choices and no choice, i still think it is only right to go for the lesser evil, but a slight drift from what Lady "S" said, i believe "Bad Choice" is a more responsible option, making no choice should never be an option. Even Rational Choice theorists said "an individual has preferences among the available choice alternatives that allow them to state which option they prefer". Which "option they prefer" presents the choice, the rationality is when they realize they need to make an efficient and productive one - which making "No Choice" doesn't fall in that category.

My opinion is just what works for me, share yours in the comment box below ↓↓↓. ☺☺

by: Olaniyi Ayodele
Twitter: @olabode_jnr


  1. I agree with you. You always look out for you first, because everyone will do the same. However, when none of the decisions affect you positively, either spin it to a positive by getting creative, or make it benefit someone else close to you. I know I sound selfish, but it's the reality of life. 😁

    1. Nope ... looking out for one's interest or happiness is never selfish. exploiting others to get things done for one's self is. Don't know if you read "Defiance of Gravity". I talked about the things we do in the name of sacrifices, hereby leaving us worst-off.

  2. choices are the worst...buh it cant always be worse than bad choices...especially when humanity and empathy clouds the decision. For example if one is to choose between killing a dying man or leave and let him die.

  3. Now, I'm looking at this beautiful piece from an angle..
    What if there's no religion at all? Must religion takes a place in our heart as we make a choice?


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