My Imagination Loves Better

.....So we decided to let our innate desires out for a while, we made some life choices that previously seemed to be too pronounced for the society we live in. We decided to have a taste of what the deserted have long nourished their fat souls with - we decided to place ourselves on rebellious prescriptions. We got used to the idea that life can be more fun than it already is, we realized that we have missed the nourishing desert that comes after every taste of life.

First, we thought it was the environment that was not conducive enough for us to continue our smooth romance, she assumed i change in the way i use to serenade her with majestic words from the core of my affection. She said, i was beginning to see evidently the things she said when we were barely weeks into what she now calls failed attempt at love. Having equipped myself with the details and tips from the go-to outlets for relationship advises, i tried even harder to make her see that i would rather make a fool of myself than see our little sand castle crumble even though the water current is strong enough to lift a whale from side to side. 

It was just then i realized that it seemed like we were trying to hard to manage the ruins of our once perfectly built rendezvous. We blamed it on culture, tribe, environment, peers, poachers, and their lots but the actual truth was that - we were the problem. We were so used to the cliche and normalcy of other people's lifestyle, the evil of globalization - where teenagers now regulate their affection and feelings based on comical and mythical tales designed by really ambitious individuals who just want to hit the bestselling novels and highest grossing in the box office. 

"Ahh! I said it, It is really the environment, It is television, It is publications, It is media -both traditional and media"
We managed to sift through tonnes of confusing energy, we swam through negative and positive affections. Our most interesting talking points became our only engaging source of conflict, every word that comes out of our wreckage ends up in plea and sex - which were the last surviving pillar of our relationship which was built on loan. 

As a final remedy we decided to try the real life recipe, we decided to let out our darkest secrets, our really horrible desires. We said, screw it!! if we are not going to make it, let us make the final days count. So we decided to do things as they appeal to us, we decided to share our opinion regardless of prior calculations and permutation of what the other person might think or how they may react. So, we decided to do the top three things our relationship had restricted us from doing - we set out on a journey to discover us, but guess what? I found me and she found herself. Her new artificial red hair, with the darkness that bereft her new Noir colored nail polish, her new wardrobe fascinates and gets me aroused from a mile away. Even though, these are things that are considered slutty and rebellious, i realized they are the things i have always wanted. I realized they are not just my fetish, but they are my innate desires. 

She now appreciates me even more, because i no longer have secret hideouts. Some weeks ago, we started trying out my stash shortly after i opened up to her fully, damn! she is some words close to dictionary meaning of chimney and infact slower than the tortoise in "Bojark the Horseman" at her peak. All our pains seem to disappear within such short period of time, we seem to have a lot of "WE" in common than when it was always about, what do you "YOU" think and anything "YOU" want. 

Sadly, i can't say much about how she further reciprocated the new approach to what we now share, due to the fact that i created the illusion of our new relationship. I now see her from a mile away in my head wishing i had been more straight with her and allowed our innate desires and personality be the guide rather than external influences that already have premeditated outcomes for everything we do as humans. I am now in love with figments of my imagination, as my imaginations cannot be contaminated by the niche created by society - the idea that we have to manage every other thing based on previous successful trials by certain person, forgetting the popular saying in times of failure that "What worked for Jack might not sooth Bill", but sad we only remember this quote when people are about to try out something new, only to discourage them but not motivate them to try what works - or rather, "What Fits".