Charity and Its Uncertain Returns

Never expect much from life only because you give much to people. Be fair, life owes you nothing and so do people owe you nothing. You make sacrifices and give judiciously, that don't mean you get bountifully in return. 

Mr. X makes equivalent of a dime monthly but most enough to cater for the needs of Sarah and the two other product of this good marriage, but the issue is that Mr. X sees his earnings as a provision for boys at the home for the society rejects and un-included. Sarah sees an issue in this, but her love for Mr. X is the only reason she has backed up what she referred to as a lifetime of misplaced priorities in her private time. Mr. X does his thing because it gives him more than emotional satisfaction but there's also been this free flow of what he refers to as energy from the core of his brain to every part of his body system - a feeling only similar to the free flow of dopamine. He doesn't see anything bad in his decision to share the next to nothing earnings with the boys who have lower than nothing, so also does Sarah see nothing bad in it only because of her love and support for the only thing that has brought that smile similar to what she saw on his face the moment he removed her veil right before walking her down the aisle some ten years back in the city of Allepo, Syria.

It is time for Ismael to start school, private schools without curriculum that makes effort to conscript infant minds into believing the rest of the world has an issue with their social identity are only few, so Mr. X decided to make a move that changed everything and it was right that moment that he came to the realization that you don't always get your penny worth from life but you got to always give your best to make it a safe zone for those who have no one to watch over them. It is fine to expect returns from business deals, it is fine to expect love in return from a woman you entered into an emotional and social contract to love and to cherish - till death separates you both getting an expected return from your voluntary social involvement directed towards a class of individuals who look forward to others like you coming to do bits and more of your magnanimous gestures too. 

What matters most is that you understand that you are a major part of social change, an edifice in the community of change makers, a frontier on the list of those driving day and night for inclusion for the un-included and social justice for the marginalized. You get to know and accept that your efforts don't necessarily mean that the recipients of your charitable gestures are obliged in any way whatsoever to extend warm arms of gratification towards you or your children, but what matters most in the long run is that your name will be in the historical timeline as someone who out of nothing made impact and empowered not only the under-served but also encouraged the haves to make life worth the while for the havenots. Just like Fela , you will be remembered for being a voice for the voiceless, channel for the obstructed and clarity for the visually impaired individuals.

Mr. X only came to this realization after he had an outburst of how life wasn't fair after all he had offered over the years and all he had invested in lives of children who are not his, aged who are not his parents and women who are not Sarah - little did he know that life was taking account  of all that is been done and history is making account for everyone's actions and inaction. Sadly but true, one brick of doubt and outburst cannot be expunged from the historical structure.

TakeAways: Stay true to your cause, Expect nothing in return, consider whatever you get as a privilege provided by whatever divine or evident supplications you engage in by the virtue of your faith, beliefs and actions.


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    1. Thank you... Obvious facts aren't far fetched in recent times.

  2. "To be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. Give off light or darkness Padawan. Be a candle, or the Night" - Master Yoda.
    Remember that the reward is the Journey.

    1. Thank you Master Yoda. The reward is the journey, Winston Churchill rightly agreed with this too.


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