Shades of Silly


"The biggest lies, we save for ourselves, we play games in which we are gods, in which we make choices and the current follows in our wake"- Mark Lawrence
He rocks the collar in the relaxed ambience of Sunday mornings worshiping  and restituting in front of the most high,  but eagerly looks forward to later this evening when we all in the guise of multiple personalities unwind, get loose, wild and free, doing exactly everything the early exhortations blacklists; not because we don't know it's wrong but because we are aware of grace that protects and guarantees forgiveness in six days time.

Make me solve that algebra equation and point me in the direction of the statistically tested pointless calculus,  decide my speed through life by drawing up a grade on the top left corner of my session reports right before you grab me by my hair overflow, drop me mid flat on the bath slab, then lick ketchup off my cream shade areola while your petite looking pinkie finger known for reprimanding me stealthily makes it way down the narrow paths as though it was a mission to restore balance to the core of this soul.
"We wrap our violent and mysterious world in the pretence of understanding"- Mark Lawrence
Late evening computer appreciation and responsibility sessions with purpose of digital inclusion, on the educator's part I suppose but Michael stays up till minutes to tomorrow's class just to retrieve the lost treasures of late great grand uncle who purportedly worked as a janitor to help put Neil Armstrong on the space and also help find the core of western civilization.  Seem like a  popular justification to net swindle or maybe future of importation if measures are not employed.

Same congregation's favorite chorister with a voice and charisma half as great as Celine's, pleasing this much crowd with her tweaked twerking talent later at down lounge;  yeah,  the one known for its harboring of millennial Delilah's. Men, condemned to lifetime of unfaithfulness and impurity trooping in from business district with a targeted interest in pleasurable actions and moments offered by the ever ready swingsters and exotic dancers.

I never struggled to get here because I had it figured out from day one,  I made every right choices and turned in every single task assigned to me, I was popular back in high school because of my spontaneous approach to learning and other curricular activities.  Truth be told,  Kyle wishes he was everything he mentioned above; at least, that is what his mentees believe and think of him  but little do they know of his late night catch ups with talia, and click handshakes exchanging value for product close to the haven where he sought grace.

Unique individuals with outright personalities shielding the main nocturnal character; an evident world of pretenders with silly cravings but deceptive interpersonal relationships. A deck of lies, where pawns are stronger than kings and queens bow at the feet of peasants. Life,  perfectly molded out of dust, created into such beauty with only distinctions known to the creator but the curiosity of man have skewed our perspectives, opinionated our minds and made us several shades of silly.

What's your own or known shade of silly?  Share below ↓↓ (anonymously or if you want to call out names)