Here Others Come ....


As Agatha Christie said, "A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world, It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in his past". All these have played out exactly as described by Agatha, that is why i am using this moment to appreciate you - Senior Abiyamo of Nigeria. 

I have once imagined what life would be without you; especially when we had that scare of you rising among the celestial some times back. It crossed my mind for a moment that who is going to take on such responsibility that you alone maybe with your spouses' support had shouldered for this long. Who would condone the way i make you see my dreams, accept my plans and then abandon them for you to pursue, your persistence on continuity has been a real motivation. If not, i would have been another guy who leaves everything half way done. 

You have stressed so hard to see to it that myself and my siblings have the best life has to offer, you together with your man consciously or unconsciously created four nations of change makers and world changers who would stop at anything to see the world be a better place; with the baseline motivation of what would dad and mom have done in every situation. 

Above all, was your recent show of confidence in me, you made me feel so trusted and confident that even in times of worries, i not only have to lean back on friends and acquaintances but a strong threshold to always fall back on. You have instilled so much love and fear in myself and my siblings that we dare not consider sibling rivalry. You have forged out an ever blazing flame of love and affection among us that not even you can break, you plated us with virtues and visions for greatness that it appears wrong not be on the good side of history at all times. 

Mother! Be proud, for you have made the world a better place for not only the weak, but also for the strong to realize that it only takes a smile to start a friendship and a smirk to seal a deal. Above all, thank you for the lengthy spiritual shield and thank you for the parental role well played.