Two Sides of Same Story

In a little town, born and raised in the way of the who i would call little people, learnt to speak like them, act like them and strive like them. Didn't have a feel of what it's like to be elsewhere - or within the community of, as i would call it also "Big People".

My first encounter outside that peaceful and well intending society opened my eyes to a more vast community of people with wider spectrum of ambitions and unrestricted how and dos to get things. At the first taste, i sped back into my shell where i belonged and where i was considered not the best but one of the few striving to be. Until that moment happened, a story which cannot be told without naming names and counting actions - a tale of a long lost re-connection and integration. I was finally out there in the open, the opportunity that posed serious challenge and in-capabilities now reappeared, this time came to force me out of my comfort zone.

You see, I come from a place where you are thought to have this feeling of being comfortable with any situation you are in. whenever I explain it I use the term “ comfortable been comfortable”. Did it ever occur to me that I was made for greater things? Yes it did but you see you cant really drive towards success in this world until you are exposed to the lifestyle of the other world. My personal encounters with the other world motivated me to do what I believed and be great at it.

When you come from this world, you want stability, you have long term goals, and you have this vampire-like thirst that can never be quenched until you are not only recognized by the other world but  also accepted  as one of theirs. Why two worlds? Because every family is a nation in itself and nations make up continent which makes up the world and the world is a student of rotation in the universe. So if the world is a student of rotation it also means our lives could be students of rotation, but i urge you never strive to rotate 360 degrees because it means you’re moving from world A to world B but eventually your success is short lived and you end up back in world A, instead try to rotate 180 degrees, I’m sure you got the drill.

Never enjoy comfort in being comfortable because as a human being you are god on earth and as a god you need to find or develop what your good at. I once said success is a virgin she only opens up for the right person: what I meant was if you are not hungry and working tirelessly towards being successful, why should success give you a chance at a life you’re not even planning for?

A quagmire of "mediocre mentality" and "delusions of grandeur" let us proceed to engage in this palaver.  "Man, know thyself". Socrates said, his follower Plato gave this statement life in his "Allegory of the Caves" a discuss that captures the base concept of psycho-social development. We are what we are programmed to see per time and although adamant to change, when this change is thrust upon us willingly or accidentally it awakens our inner animalistic nature for competition, settlement and dominance, gives a whole new meaning to Genesis 1:28-29. Now as I have been thrust out of my community of Little Ones with the task of pilgrimage to the Big City to learn their ways and return back to them a King of Tales while drinking Ale and illuminating their minds  with  nostalgic tales of my pilgrimage like the ones before me, but that wasn't for me, for in the course of my journey I lost my way and in the wilderness i found my way. I saw that Big City could be any where, i learnt that the magic was all within, i saw myself have a choice, i learnt to learn, to hunt, to adapt, to love, to care, to save a soul, to heal the land.

Like the Buddha i had reached Nirvana, what we nerds and savages know as Valhalla. The place of enlightenment from which no man can return the same, when i took a trip back to my place of little Ones i was considered mad, how can i say "Little ones" can be like "Big City". Mrs Pilgrim1990 even used it as an excuse to regale us with tales of her pilgrimage to Big City, she said she's seen my kind of madness before that it's caused by a certain kind of flower consumed by Big City locales she said its called "Big Dreams" and is cultivated at a Shrine. I am having tempting offer to return for good to "Little Ones" and see if I can spread my "madness". but i still see so much more to learn  and experience in Big City. I even tried the flower that is accused of causing this madness and trust me it's not all that.  Like it was told me by two wise men; "Sometimes the reward is journey & the place makes the Person".

Oh! It's a tale of two cities, masked with walls we self built. My judgement is now as shrewd as theirs, my perspective is as skewed as the ones before but it doesn't really matter no more, does it? Who am i asking, it doesn't matter no more. Both sides of the stories are different in narratives but with semblance of occurrences.

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  1. I really love the writing of this post its amazing! You write so well! Working hard is so important or succsess just wont happen!

    1. Thank you Eleanor for such feedback. Now i am motivated to even do more.


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