Angels with Filthy Souls

Yeah, it was i who left the other entrance unmanned because i had prior plans of giving up our last defense to the ways drake and the formidable epitome of steel bars, accurate strike through the bull's-eye. 
Last night, I saw them move closer than intimate, though they have been close compatriots helping drive through the solace of evil. Do we fight for or against, questions aren't ours to ask but we were inspired as though we were destined for this greatness. I took a little step forward and I saw the same pains of yesterday already ticked right on the Guardian's ledger but still bled incessantly with tiny little rods pricking and picking fresh sores. 
My eyes shut,  voice lost and movement ceased, let this horror pass me by.  Let the shame of yesterday find a waste place and the pained a restful plate.  Ticking fast and shining bright were the long hands of time and the naive break of the day dashing through the new day making my most recent encounter a product of my absent mindedness. 
This can't be, I got to see where these all leads, efforts of new and ancients past cannot result in this inclusive future but yet elusive of the divisive living. So i woke up and saw it all again, how fast I had lain  losing the glimpse of the game changer but here we are, with unlimited access to the days of future past. 
Something is not right yet again,  here is a wound being tended but earlier was a fresh sore being picked by the same rod pricking the core of bleeding point. These don't add up,  this don't make sense, what then is here to see? Oh my! It's morning again, I have to wake up to another day with no memory whatsoever of my past nights dreams.