Time Meets Destiny

Time, an endless lane aiming for one's greatness or great fall. Time, a clue to the memory unlived and the ones to live. Time,  a luxury for some but yet affordable for few. Incessant gasp for space and need to achieve a little bit more which sums up to a larger lot. Time to eat,  pray,  love, sleep, wake,  live, play, survive, gamble, judge, learn, and many more. It starts or started with a when then to a how and then what and sometimes, tales or inquisitions of why? 
I know destiny well,  I met her when I chose mine, little did I know we switched places and we have been long mistaking fate for faith. Assuming dates are actual dates because they marked how our allotted times are spent even with no one looking forward to much accountability. I learnt time was a man in the world past life,  he did everything as though there was  always a rush, always hoping to reach an unseen barrier which extends the life that was once lived. Here is what I know,  destiny was on a journey alongside this one with mutual altitude to attain but at what pace not even fate or faith eye marked. 
Oh time, oh time. What sort of responsibility and sense of accomplishment! Oh feeling of knowing and thoughts of learning! Oh cage of limits with yet somewhat time within and so much time without, I pray thee that i get more time to learn, relearn and unlearn to sway through the altitude i aim for, maybe then at that point.  Destiny would reach the destination alongside this one at the long imagined time of arrival, maybe time would break through this reconditeness.


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