Go Right or Go Left, all Leads South

So dynamic, yet so short. To know many births scariest imaginations in times of epiphanies and real life loss. I have stayed strong, I now know peace until i found out the loss of yet another dear one. Where is it? Where are they? What is it for? Does it matter at the end? Should we continue? Are we doing anything wrong? Have we done the needful? Where does it all lead? All different questions leading to the same answer: LIFE. An inexplicable entity with varying outcomes; whether short-lived or long-lived, we really can't answer the questions it projects.

Make it or die craving it, is the principle that we have been made to live by, not necessarily by parents nor relatives; because we can't keep blaming these people for everything when their is a wider perspective lain by the society. We strive for much and get in bits if right course is engaged, we own so much later with worries of how best to safeguard it from our own kind; this takes us to the worst part, where we are going to put it all after we are gone.

We quietly think about this in the denial of the expectancy, we dread the ultimate outcome that dawns on us all, we feel its presence as it draws closer each day, we fight the thought but yet we plan for it. We engage in divinity to secure a place of eternal rest but yet we renounce every mention of its arrival. Death! Yes i called it by its name; scares us all with his arrival, different faiths have made it seem like the messiah, but No! the messiah awaits all in death. I really do not blame some of our brothers who believe so much in life after death because we have not for once asked them if they look forward to dying someday after inheriting the wealth of the so-called unbelievers, but what matters to them most is that they make are bold enough to tell the world that they found the secret to living while others are suffering the fate of death; don't know how that has or would turn out for them but i salute their courage still.

I haven't dined with the greatest, in preparation i have read legends of the bravest and yet i have not been featured in the tales of the mightiest. I have a plan to live beyond time itself and navigate a unique course of life even in death, but i can't tell what tomorrow holds, can expect less the next pay and what the dreadful slimy toxic staff-bearing Voldemort looking voiden has in stock for me. 

All i have is me, my choice, my way, my decisions... don't blame me if i truly live life like i don't care what tomorrow holds because we all don't know what and where tomorrow leads. All we can do is stay us and live with instant choices, ways and actions, help if and while you can, affect as many as you can, stay healthy based on spiritual and scientific prescriptions; they have worked so far, and drink a lot of water - because of its therapeutic evident reports.