Just Like Everybody Else.

The worst of my nightmares came knocking and I rushed at it hoping to deal the first hit ....

It is time,  yes it's time. I have waited for the much expected, the reason for our calmness, the reason we choose and are often obliged to keep calm - the outright disbandment of spontaneity. If I would say,  the root of procrastination and cowardice.

X got the news of his mother's demise shortly after he lost his one chance at promotion, to be reconsidered three years later. As often expected A, Y, and Z are here to make the pain go away, saying all are for a reason or more. Most of the reasons not often spelt out but normally rooted on life and religious convictions. "No need for anything rash,  calm is all that calls now or else things might get worse". Hold on a bit! How worse can worst get? Or didn't you just admit things are at their worst already.

Here is the case, A last week got his heart broken after finding out his five years marital focused relationship was all a sham - he tried killing himself,  but X, Y and Z were there to remind him how things could be worst. Again, how worst are not often spelt out.

Y and Z are the calmest as it is,  they have been there for both X and A, infact,  there selflessness knows no boundaries especially when their loved ones are hurting. Wait till you find out they are both emotionally disturbed as they have both shared affection with beaming affinity for each other since third (3rd)  grade but not found the calm moment to build on it. Here comes another alphabetical S(HE) with the will to do, firm grasp of life reaching for either of them.

Months later,  X is over mom,  taken heed of the advises on the lost promotion. A is over mystery woman and infact sworn not to let another in so deep to break the heart core. Here they are today to comfort Y who just  lost Z his life love to the mental appropriation.

Who am I? Where do I fall?  What have I done?  What have I lost? Who have I lost?  Here is my response - I am a (wo)man and all these I cannot explain. However,  I recently encountered my worst nightmare  and I wasn't waiting back till I got defeated without a fight. I took the first thing to my left, luckily a sledge, I headed towards it not only hoping to take the first hit this time but i had a flawless victory.

To the questions asked, the answer is the "Why and How" I triumphed above my fears - I engaged spontaneity, I engaged my inner strength and I looked beyond the  popular misconceptions that nightmares are bound to triumph.