Journey through the Future: Still a Big Circle

Where are you all now? Where did we miss it or where did we miss us? I remember Uncle H. always reminding us of the need to hold tight to the one next to you. Funny, I remember vividly how I always wanted to be by T. the only one that caught my innocent naive attention.

I remember one Thursday or maybe I don't know which day to be precise but I do remember the events that made this unforgettable. Shortly after our usual bag race,  which I did in cocoa jute bags -  you can't really blame me, i was only 5 and many my age settled for what daddy preferred.

Well, the sac played it's part but not with my dear T. Not a single role in my first short at heart break, an open expression of my disgust for the other guy who barely knew as much as I did at the time. Lol. Itching skin, rushed down to Mrs. K's office to ask what was wrong, things went south and I was bathed at the back of the staff room, right next to the training and exercise pitch - oops! That was where we converged for the much anticipated "form a big circle, like your mother's cooking pot".

Others laughed, not because they wanted to nor because they knew what was wrong. They laughed because we were kids and laughing comes easier than sympathy. On getting back to the school field to join my peers, my only consolation was gone - Yes! My T had a new partner (I could call him that, but he was just a guy standing next to her that day).

As usual, there was an opening for the late comer beside W, the friend from home who rubbed my head in solidarity against the class making me a laughing stock. Right that moment, I turned blue,  I felt I had a best friend until others started doing the same. Then we united against ... Well,  no one because the whole class including my T joined me in solidarity against what we all felt was injustice.

Here is the reality, what really happened was that I didn't pay full attention to the instructions about what the bag was for,  then I got a skin reacting bag for a sac race. I sweated and skin got itching, then a caring teacher who was a family friend bathed me in front of the whole school because my first school had no bathroom just toilets. My classmates laughed because they thought I pooed on my body and having realized I was withdrawing, (not knowing it was because I couldn't stand next to my crush) but they thought I was ashamed, they came to me one after the other in solidarity against teacher's disgracing students who poo on their bodies. Gross misconceptions but you can't blame us, we were kids and what did we know than to form a big circle like our mothers' cooking pots?